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Candidate filings continue

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The race for Porter County Coroner is getting even more crowded in the Democrat primary, with a fifth contender filing.

The following is the up-to-date list, as of this morning, of the candidates who filed either in the Voter Registration Office for county and township races or with the Indiana Secretary of State for federal or state offices. An “inc.” after a candidate’s name signifies the incumbent. The Tribune will update the list throughout the filing period, which ends at noon on Feb. 19.


U.S. Rep. 1st District: Peter J. Visclosky (inc.)

U.S. Rep. 2nd District: Joe Donnelly (inc.)

State Senate 4th District: Karen Tallian (inc.)

State Rep. 3rd District: Charlie Brown (inc.); Bryan Bullock

State Rep. 4th District: Thomas W. Webber, Sr.

State Rep. 10th District: Charles Chuck Moseley (inc.)

Porter Superior Court, III: Julia M. Jent (inc.)

County Clerk: Pamela Mishler Fish (inc.)

County Auditor: James Kopp (inc.); Vicki Urbanik

County Assessor: Maureen “Moe” Wendrickx

County Coroner: Billy J. Coker; Norm Hudson; Ronald A. Reed; Nancy Satterlee; Robert L. Schulte

County Recorder: Debby Dean Malik; Jon Voelz

County Sheriff: David Lain (inc.); W. “Chip” Yanta

County Council, 1st District: Robert Poparad (inc.)

County Council, 2nd District: Jeremy Rivas

County Council, 4th District: Marylyn Johns (inc.)

Westchester Township Trustee: Suzanne Phillbrick (inc.)

Westchester Township Board (three seats): William Cantrell (inc.)

Jackson Township Trustee: Janice Meyers (inc.)

Jackson Township Board: Frank O’Reilly (inc.)

Portage Township Assessor: Millie Arocho

Portage Township Trustee: Brendan Clancy; Jack D. Jent

Portage Township Board (three seats): Edward Momola (inc.); Ken Gillie; Terry L. Whitten; Larry Widener (inc.)

Pleasant Township Board: Joe Cooper


U.S. Rep. 1st District: Adam A. Dombowski, Mark Leyva, Robert Pastore, Jayson Reeves.

U.S. Rep. 2nd District: Jack Edward Jordan; Jackie Walorski.

County Sheriff: Ralph G. Levi

County Prosecutor: Brian Gensel (inc.)

County Coroner: J. Clinkenbeard; Chuck Harris

County Assessor: Gail D. Hudson

County Recorder: Jon Miller

County Council, 1st District: James Biggs

County Council, 3rd District: Karen Conover (inc.)

County Council, 4th District: James Polarek

Westchester Township Board: John Canright (inc.), Sue Huyser

Jackson Township Board: Ronald A. Bishop (inc.); Judith Guernsey (inc.)

Liberty Township Board: Jacquelyn Sterling (inc.), Edward W. Seykowski (inc.)

Pine Township Board: Tom Lipinski (inc.)

Portage Township Trustee: Joyce Webster (inc.)

Portage Township Board: Ed Carlisle, Harold Gresham, Joseph (Joe) Wszolek

Center Township Trustee: Charles William Conover (inc.)

Center Township Board: Stephen Buck (inc.), Charles Chuck Hazlett (inc.), Doug Miller, Michael Simpson

Washington Township Trustee: Lynn Ross (inc.)

Washington Township Board: Fran Samuelson (inc.)

Morgan Township Trustee: Richard Schultz (inc.)

Morgan Township Board: Rodney King (inc.), Lee Kleist, Andy Vasquez

Pleasant Township Trustee: Jean Oelhman (inc.)

Pleasant Township Board: David Overholt

Boone Township Trustee: Russell “Rusty” Franzman (inc.)

Boone Township Board: Jim Martin, Jeff Patz, Dean Roeske

Porter Township Board: Keith F. Hall, Kathy Sherman


Posted 2/12/2010




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