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Indiana Secretary of State pushes for redistricting reform on Facebook page

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Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is continuing his push urging effective redistricting reform by launching a new Facebook petition labeled, “I Support Rethinking Redistricting.”

“With just over one month left before Election Day, the time is now to let the candidates for the Indiana General Assembly know you support redistricting reform,” Rokita said in a statement released last week. “We’re making it easier than ever to encourage a more fair and effective process with just the click of a button.”

Hoosiers are encouraged to sign the petition by clicking the “Like” button at the top of the “I Support Rethinking Redistricting” Facebook page.

Rokita recently wrote to each candidate running for the Indiana General Assembly to encourage them to make positive changes in the process of how the state redraws its legislative boundaries. Every 10 years, the process of redrawing precinct boundaries—known as redistricting—uses data from the U.S. Census Report. However, Indiana’s existing process allows politicians, who redraw the boundaries, to use political data in creating the new political lines.

“Allowing politicians to view your voting history in order to create legislative boundaries means our elected leaders are picking their voters,” Rokita said. “Developing a new process that puts people before politics will create more competitive districts requiring elected officials to pay more attention to the needs of their constituents rather than needs of their political parties.”

Rokita’s new Facebook petition becomes the next phase of a campaign he launched in September of 2009 which has garnered hundreds of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, through

—individuals have sent more than 1,360 e-mails to their legislators encouraging redistricting reform.

Hoosiers can visit

 to learn more about the secretary’s ideas on how Indiana can effectively reform redistricting.



Posted 9/27/2010




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