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Brian Mulholland seeks Town Council nomination

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Candidate withdraws: Although his name will be on the ballot in the May 3 primary election, Calvin Chubb has pulled out of the race for Democrat nomination for the 3rd District seat on the Chesterton Town Council. Chubb has also thrown his support to his opponent in the primary, Brian Mulholland. In an e-mail to the Chesterton Tribune today, Chubb said that unanticipated commitments have made his candidacy untenable. “I’m fully endorsing my opponent in this election and wish him luck in the fall election,” Chubb wrote.

Brian Mulholland Candidate Profile


Candidate: Brian Mulholland.

Party: Democrat.

Office sought: 3rd District seat, Chesterton Town Council.

Salary: $4,835.

Term: Four years.

Age: 26.

Family: Father of an infant.

Occupation: Dispatcher, Reliable Transportation; volunteer firefighter, Porter Fire Department.

The attraction of politics, for Brian Mulholland, is the “challenge, getting both major parties together for the good of the town.”

Hence his run for the Democratic nomination for the 3rd District seat on the Chesterton Town Council. “I’m trying to get my foot into politics,” Mulholland says. “I’m a precinct committeeman for Westchester 12 and this is the next logical step. I want to do my part for the town.”

“I’m relatively new in politics,” Mulholland concedes. “I haven’t really tested my feet yet. But I’m a quick learner. I like to think I make good decisions. I put everybody else’s best interests at heart. I don’t personally know the Town Council members now too well. I’ve met them a few times, talked to them, they seem like good people. I feel like I could do a fantastic job.”

A better job than his opponent in the primary, Calvin Chubb?

“I actually never met him,” Mulholland says.

Any problems with the incumbent, Nick Walding, running unopposed in the primary for the Republican nomination?

“Can’t say I have, no,” Mulholland says. “It’s probably not the right thing for me to be saying,” he adds, “but I’m happy with (the Town Council as a whole). They’ve done a great job. The town is starting to look fantastic. I hate to see empty storefronts. But aside from that they’ve done a great job.”

Mulholland’s issue of choice is economic development. “We need more local business,” he says. “They’re the ones who run the town.” And to Mulholland’s mind the best kind of business is the one which makes the Town of Chesterton a destination for out-of-towners. “Anything tourist related is a good idea,” Mulholland says. “There’s always people coming in the area, especially with (Indiana Dunes) State Park. I’d like to explore that area.”

Mulholland is very clear on one point: he’s no fan of big boxes. “I’d try to stay away from big corporations, Wal-Marts, what have you,” he says. “I’ve never really seen those extremely help a town. I’m a huge fan of the local business, obviously. So I’d try to promote any local business that wanted to come to Chesterton.”

What role specifically does the Town Council have in encouraging business?

“Well, if they don’t now, I think they should,” Mulholland says. “If anything, promote that Chesterton’s a good place for local business to thrive. We have a nice Downtown and a good district down (South) Calumet (Road). I’d try to do everything I could to get local business, even give them some kind of tax break to come to Chesterton.”

Mulholland notes that, in principle, he supports the development of the Ind. 49 Utility Corridor: the installation of gas, sewer, water, and other infrastructure along Ind. 49 south of the Indiana Toll Road. “If the population keeps growing, they’re going to have to move somewhere,” he says. “Long term it’s a good idea. Short term it’s going to cost us a bunch. But in the long term I think residents will seek that area. We’re congested up here in town. There’s not much room for people to build houses anymore.”

As a volunteer firefighter with the Porter Fire Department, Mulholland suspects that, if elected, he would naturally gravitate to matters of emergency service. “Just because that’s what I’m most familiar with. I’ve worked extensively with Chesterton Fire, so I’ve got a good working relationship with that part of the town.”

But Mulholland does foresee his first few months on the council as a learning experience. “As I said, I’m still relatively new,” he says. “I’ve got to get my feet wet. I don’t know the ins and out of the whole job yet but I see myself trying to see what problems are there and do what I can to fix those.”

“I’m a good person,” Mulholland concludes. “I like to think so. I’m relatively young. I can bring a fresh pair of eyes to any problems or situations we have here. I’ve lived here. I love this town. I don’t plan on ever moving.”


Posted 4/7/2011




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