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Filing to begin in January for 2011 town elections

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On May 3, 2011, residents of the towns of Chesterton and Porter will go to the polls to nominate their parties’ candidates for town council and clerk-treasurer in this year’s municipal primary election.

But persons interested in winning nomination will have only a month to throw their hats into the ring.

Filing begins on Wednesday, Jan. 19. It ends at 12 p.m. Friday, Feb. 18.

The process is simple enough:

•A candidate for town council must be a registered voter and must reside in the district which he or she seeks to represent on the council.

•A candidate for clerk-treasurer must be a registered voter and must reside in town.

•A person who wishes to be nominated in the primary election as a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian must file—in the Office of Voter Registration, Suite 105 of the Porter County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave. in Valparaiso—a declaration of candidacy.

•That declaration, known as a CAN-16 form, must be signed before a person authorized to administer oaths—a notary public, for instance—and includes, among other information, the candidate’s name, residence address, mailing address, and party affiliation.

Potential candidates should contact their respective clerk-treasurer’s office to determine the district in which they reside. Chesterton Clerk-Treasurer: 926-1641. Porter Clerk-Treasurer: 926-2771.

Chesterton’s incumbents:

•1st District, Republican Jim Ton.

•2nd District, Republican Jeff Trout.

•3rd District, Republican Nick Walding.

•4th District, Democrat Sharon Darnell.

•5th District, Republican Emerson DeLaney.

•Clerk-Treasurer, Republican Gayle Polakowski.

Porter’s incumbents:

•1st District, Republican Todd Martin.

•2nd District, Republican Jon Granat.

•3rd District, Republican David Babcock.

•4th District, Republican Trevin Fowler.

•5th District, Republican Michelle Bollinger.

•Clerk-Treasurer, Republican Carol Pomeroy.

In Burns Harbor

The 2010 census of the Town of Burns Harbor, on the other hand—while not yet released—is unlikely to show that the town’s population now exceeds 3,500: the threshold at which a “small town” in the State of Indiana becomes a “large town” (Burns Harbor’s estimated population in 2009: 1,173).

“Small towns” do not hold primary elections. They hold “conventions,” more commonly known as caucuses.

Two points to make:

(1) The process by which a person declares his or her candidacy for a caucus is identical to the one by which he or she does for a primary election: the candidate must be a resident of Burns Harbor and must file a CAN-16 form.

(2) Although the Office of Voter Registration has not yet confirmed the filing deadline for municipal caucuses, the filing period is a much extended one, with a deadline probably sometime in late summer.

In Burns Harbor a candidate may either stand for nomination as a resident of one of the town’s three districts—in which case he or she must reside in that district—or may run as an at-large candidate and reside anywhere in town. Contact the Burns Harbor Clerk-Treasurer’s Office for information on district boundaries: 787-9413.

Burns Harbor’s incumbents:

•1st District, Republican Robert (Mike) Perrine.

•2nd District, Democrat James McGee.

•3rd District, Democrat Cliff Fleming.

•At-large, Republican Toni Biancardi.

•At-large, Democrat Louis Bain II.

•Clerk-Treasurer, Democrat Jane Jordan.



Posted 12/28/2010




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