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Valpo Republican Adam Dombkowski announces for 1st Congressional seat

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A Valparaiso Republican has announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st,

Adam Dombkowski, 38, released a statement of his candidacy to the Chesterton Tribune on Monday.

“I am running because the time has come for us to have representation of the people by someone from the ranks of the people,” Dombkowski’s statement reads in part. “Representation is not a career, it is about service, and it is about ‘WE the People.’ It is the House of Representatives, not the house of self-interest. This candidacy is NOT about me and some greater self glory. I am nobody; I am just a citizen who worries about the direction and future of the country our children and grandchildren will have to live in. The American dream should be their reality, not a forgotten ideal. This is about faith. Faith in yourself, faith in each other, faith in me as your representative and how we together will take this faith and make this great region and country prosperous.”

“I see our region as a reflection of our nation,” Dombkowski stated. “We live in a region diverse with areas of decline and prosperity. I see a region that can and will see prosperity in every neighborhood and community if we can see as I do not crumbling buildings but opportunities. I believe that our region can be a vibrant economic beacon. The government should not lead the way or mandate but should be the guiding hand, not standing in the way but walking beside the state and local communities.”

“I strive to live my life as a person of faith, integrity, and a never-ending pursuit to better myself,” Dombkowski stated. “The difference for me is that I do not have many positions on issue but I do have stands on issues. Positions are political speech for saying what you’re told to by your party or as polls tell you.”

“As an unknown candidate I come to you not beholden to any group, organization, or individual with the exception of my wife Lori, our four children, and God.”




Posted 1/19/2010






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