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Teachers PAC backs Ayres over incumbent Marshall in School Board race

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A political action committee for a teachers’ union has endorsed one of the challengers in the race for the Westchester-Pine seat on the Duneland School Board and made no endorsement in the contested at-large race.

The Dunes Shore Political Action Committee for Education (Dunes Shore PACE) announced its recommended school board candidates in the races in Duneland, LaPorte, Michigan City, and Westville this week. School employees in the following school corporations compose Dunes Shore PACE: Duneland, LaCrosse, LaPorte, Michigan City, New Prairie, South Central, Wanatah, Westville, and Valparaiso.

The endorsements were made after PACE sent out questionnaires and interviewed the candidates.

Duneland Teachers Association’s PACE representatives interviewed the six candidates vying for the two seats on the Duneland School Board.

The candidates for the at-large seat are Kathleen Downey, Maureen Hurst, and incumbent Michael Trout. No endorsement was made.

The candidates in the Westchester-Pine race are Ralph Ayres, William Barkow and incumbent John Marshall. The DTA PACE endorsed Ayres.

DTA’s PAC said it endorsed Ayres because of his knowledge of school funding and his previous experience working with fellow legislators in the Indiana General Assembly.

“Ralph Ayres is our recommended candidate because he understands what’s happening in Indianapolis, and he also recognizes what needs to happen here in Chesterton,” Michele Bartels of the DTA said. “He has a firm grasp of the situation we’re facing in Indianapolis as well as here locally.”

Ayres, a former state representative said in a statement: “I appreciate the confidence the school employees have placed in me. I will use the skills I’ve developed both in the classroom and as a legislator to serve this school district to the best of my ability.”

Dunes Shore PACE encourages its members and community members to study up on the candidates for local school boards and attend one of the “Meet The Candidate” forums planned in Chesterton, LaPorte, and Michigan City prior to the election. No dates were given for the forums.


Posted 10/8/2010




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