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Duneland GOP gives big to Nancy Adams

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The Duneland GOP has donated four times more to the campaign of Nancy Adams—Republican candidate for the Center District seat on the Porter County Commissioners currently held by Democrat Bob Harper—than it has on all of the other local campaigns combined.

That, according to the financial report filed on Monday by the newly formed political committee.

The Duneland GOP donated a total of $9,230 to Adams’ campaign, compared to a total of $2,295 to nine other campaigns.

The following Republicans each received a donation of $255 from The Duneland GOP: Chuck Harris, running for Coroner; Ralph Levi, running for Sheriff; Robert Wichlinski, running for Auditor; Jon Miller, running for Recorder; Karen Martin, running for Clerk of Circuit Court; Jim Polarek, running for County Council; Jon Snyder, running for Assessor; Joyce Webster, running for Portage Township Trustee; and Chuck Conover, running for Center Township Trustee.

The Duneland GOP expended a total of $11,495, according to the financial report, and at the close of the reporting period had a total of $305 in cash on hand.

The two single largest contributors each donated $1,000: Kenard Taylor and T&P Development of Chesterton.

One contributor donated $500: Gary K. Fish of Edwardsburg, Mich.

Six contributors donated $250: Ken Blaney of Valparaiso; Robert Welsh of Chesterton; Arnold Gough of $250; Larry Lowlsen of Chesterton; Servstell Inc. of Merrillville; and James Ruge of Beverly Shores.

One contributor donated $200: MGM Enterprises of Chesterton.

Two contributors donated $100: Karavan Restaurants Inc. of Chesterton; and Gwen Rinkenberger.



Posted 10/22/2010




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