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Vote for three of five candidates in Westchester Township Board race

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In the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 2, Democrat incumbents William R. Cantrell and Robin Chubb and Republican incumbent John Canright will defend their seats on the Westchester Township Board against Republicans Sue Huyser and Barbara J. Stroud. The Chesterton Tribune invited all five candidates to respond to candidate questionnaires. The Tribune set word limits for each question and reserved the right to edit for length.

Voters will cast ballots for three of the five candidates.

(1) Age, place of residence, occupation.

Cantrell: 68, Porter, retired.

Chubb: 49, Chesterton, manager of WaterBird Lakeside Inn and Spa.

Canright: 74, Chesterton, private practice counselor.

Huyser: Porter, utility clerk for the Town of Porter, secretary for the Porter Stormwater Management Board.

Stroud: Chesterton, retired Chesterton High School teacher.

(2) Describe the Westchester Township Board’s responsibilities. (50 words)

Cantrell: The board contracts with Chesterton and Porter to provide the township with fire protection. We provide poor relief funds to aid residents in need of assistance and emergency funds for clothing and temporary shelter to the victims of house fires. The board also reviews and approves the Westchester Library budget.

Chubb: To provide fire protection to the unincorporated portions of Westchester Township; to ensure that poor relief is responsibly apportioned to eligible individuals who truly have a need for relief; and to act in the best interests of the voters of Westchester Township as it relates to the township office.

Canright: The township board is the “purse string” board for Westchester Township—conducts public hearings, approves the budget, and sets the tax levy. It is the hearing board for the Westchester Public Library board, an appointed board. It oversees a cumulative firefighting fund and a cumulative capital outlay fund.

Huyser: Fire department contracts for the township, Westchester Public Library, poor relief.

Stroud: The Westchester Township Board ensures the safety and welfare of its citizens, that our outstanding fire departments have the necessary equipment they need to protect the citizens of unincorporated Westchester Township, and that the Westchester Township Trustee has adequate funding to help citizens in the community.

(3) What are your qualifications for the office? (50 words)

Cantrell: I have been a lifetime community activist giving back to my community by serving in several areas such as Westchester Township Board, president of the Town of Porter Stormwater Board, Union Township School Board, deacon at the First Christian Church, president of the Porter County Triad, and Democrat precinct committeeman.

Chubb: It is an honor to currently represent the Westchester citizens of Burns Harbor, Chesterton, and Porter on the Board. I hope to continue to represent the citizens of the Westchester community.

Canright: As a licensed mental health counselor, I’m a listener by profession, trained to listen to people’s concerns, complaints, and requests. I served as reporter, photographer, and editor of The Chesterton Tribune for nearly 25 years. I have served on four separate governmental boards, including six terms on the Westchester board.

Huyser: As the past treasurer for Bailey Elementary PTA, executive assistant for Sexton Technologies, and my current position as a municipal employee has taught me to utilize sound, sensible, and objective review of matters yielding high quality decision making skills. I also am familiar with Indiana Code.

Stroud: Having served previously on the board (1990s), plus having served on the Porter County Council (1998-2002), I feel that I am qualified to serve on the Westchester Township Board.

(4) To Cantrell, Chubb, and Canright: Why are you seeking re-election to the office? (50 words)

Cantrell: I want to continue providing effective services to the citizens of Westchester Township through efficient government.

Chubb: I have been involved in the Westchester community for almost 20 years. It is and it will always be an honor to represent the voters of the community and I hope to continue to do so.

Canright: Township government keeps local government local. It serves people in need, who find it difficult to get to the county seat for help. I was asked to run in 1986 because it was difficult to find candidates. I accepted to do my part to keep township government viable.

To Huyser and Stroud: Why are you seeking election to the office? (50 words)

Huyser: My service to the Town of Porter residents has been very rewarding and I would like to extend that to the Westchester Township community. I want to be actively involved in the decisions that affect the community I live in.

Stroud: I feel that I have the time and experience to be an asset to serve on the board at the present time.

(5) What are the key issues in the race? (100 words)

Cantrell: Since Sept. 28, 2008, when the American economy crashed and caused loss of jobs and financial hardship for most Americans, many citizens have been upset with all elected officials and say they want a more responsible government. If that’s what they are looking for they need look no farther than the present Westchester Trustee Suzanne Philbrick and board members William Cantrell, Robin Chubb, and John Canright who have served the public openly and honestly delivering the most bang for their buck.

Chubb: Key issues regarding this election will be the continuation to provide fire protection to the community of Westchester and to continue to ensure that poor relief is responsibly apportioned to those who are eligible. Likewise to always be aware and knowledgeable of other issues that come before the Trustee's Office and the Township Board.

Canright: The key issue is providing for the increasing needs of local people. This need is threatened by efforts to abolish township government. Township government is vital to maintain government by the people; thus, avoiding local government by the government in Valparaiso and Indianapolis. I advocate spending our local tax money on the needs of local people, rather than salaries for administrators in Valparaiso and Indianapolis.

Huyser: I am unaware of any specific key issues. One of my many goals is to serve the residents of the Westchester Township Community with the closest branch of government available to them.

Stroud: To make sure that we continue to help our outstanding fire departments have the necessary tools to do their jobs, and also to work with the Township Trustee to provide the best service to the citizens in Westchester Township.


Posted 10/11/2010




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