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Woman charged with fatal OWI at Valpo crosswalk back in jail; bond revoked

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The LaPorte woman who police say was driving under the influence of a controlled substance when she struck two pedestrians in a Valparaiso crosswalk in September 2015, killing one of them, has been returned to jail after her bond was revoked.

Rachel A. Marvin, 24, was taken into custody on May 20, one day after Porter Superior Court Judge Roger Bradford ordered her arrested on a bench warrant charging Marvin with failure to comply with the conditions of her pre-trial release.

Bradford set those conditions on Feb. 4, when he lowered Marvin’s bond from $100,000 cash to a combined $20,000 surety and $1,000 cash. Among those conditions: that Marvin undergo weekly drug testing; that she enroll in Porter Starke Service’s dual diagnosis program and follow any and all recommended treatments with respect to substance abuse and mental health; that she meet with a probation officer on a weekly basis; and that she reside in a residential program.

Marvin, however, according to a notice of violation dated May 20 and filed by the probation officer assigned to her, was no longer residing in a residential program, after being terminated from the Woman’s Recovery Home “for numerous violations while there.”

The probation officer did not say when exactly Marvin was terminated and did not make public the nature of those violations.

Not quite two weeks before Bradford was notified of Marvin’s termination from the Women’s Recovery Home, Marvin’s attorney filed a motion for change of placement from the Women’s Recovery Home to Alice’s House, on the ground that relocation to the latter residential program would be in Marvin’s “best interests,” although in what way it would be he did not specify. The special prosecuting attorney appointed to the case, however, objected to a change of placement--noting that Marvin was “currently on restriction” at the Women’s Recovery Home--and Bradford subsequently denied that motion.

Sometime after that Marvin’s status at the Women’s Recovery Home went from restricted to terminated.

Marvin has been charged with ten felonies, the most serious a Level 4 felony punishable by a term of two to 12 years: operating while intoxicated and being older than 21 with a controlled substance or its metabolite in the blood-causing death.

According to Valparaiso Police, on Sept. 25, 2014, Marvin struck two pedestrians in a crosswalk at the intersection of Morgan Blvd. and Lincolnway: Lindy Wilson of Liberty Township and Beverly Beschinski of Morgan Township, both former employees of the Porter County Auditor’s Office. Wilson died later in the day at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, where she’d been airlifted.

Wilson was the mother of Porter County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tammy Gregg, a fact which later prompted Bradford to appoint a special prosecutor to the case, Christine Haskell of Jasper County, and a special public defender, Nicholas Otis of LaPorte.

Police said that Marvin, after the accident, tested positive for opiates and cocaine in the blood and urine, that she admitted having “done cocaine the night before,” and that she “made other comments that she should not have been driving.”

Recovered from Marvin’s vehicle, police said, were 0.2 grams of heroin, 0.3 grams of cocaine, and a glass smoking device.



Posted 6/2/2015




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