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Westville prison visitor charged with trafficking

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An Indianapolis resident was arrested Tuesday at the Westville Correctional Facility on a charge of trafficking with an offender, the Indiana Department of Corrections (DOC) said.

According to DOC, Danica Canady was visiting inmate Dariel Jones when she was observed attempting to pass contraband to Jones.

Canady was transported to the LaPorte County Jail and charged with trafficking, a Class C felony punishable by a term of two to eight years.

Jones was sentenced in Howard County Superior Court on June 5, 2013, to 1,095 days for possession of a controlled substance, DOC said. It was his third conviction to the DOC for a drug offense since 2005, the DOC said.

Jones may face additional charges in LaPorte County based on the outcome of that investigation, DOC said, as well as potential internal discipline from the facility.

“It is sad when an inmate abuses his friends or family for personal gain rather than using them as a resource and incentive for positive outcomes,” Westville Correctional Facility Superintendent Mark Levenhagen said.

DOE Commissioner Bruce Lemmon commended Westville’s staff for the thoroughness and diligence they apply to their duties and responsibilities. “Constant vigilance is necessary to eliminate the abuse of visitation privileges by some to commit another crime,” he said.


Posted 6/16/2014