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Westville prison visitor charged with trafficking

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A Terre Haute resident was arrested Friday on a charge of trafficking with an offender, during a visit to the Westville Correctional Facility, the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) said.

According to the DOC, on Friday morning Marvel Cooper was stopped and questioned by the Office of Investigations and Intelligence prior to visiting offender Charles Johnson. In a subsequent search, Cooper was found to be in possession of contraband, DOC said.

Cooper was transported to LaPorte County Jail on charges of trafficking with an offender and possession of a controlled substance, DOC said.

The incident remains under investigation, DOC added, “to determine what charges or internal disciplinary action may be taken with Johnson or any others allegedly involved.”

Johnson is serving a 10-year sentence through Vigo Superior Court for robbery, with a projected release date of Jan. 20, 2018.

“Our staff did an excellent job of maintaining their level of vigilance,” Superintendent Mark Sevier said. “While the vast majority of visitors pose no issues, we must always pay attention to seek out those who try to abuse their visitation privileges.”

“I commend Westville for doing everything it can to prevent contraband from coming into their facility from any and every possible source,” DOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon said.


Posted 8/31/2015




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