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Westville prison guard charged with trafficking

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A correctional officer at the Westville Correctional Facility was arrested Saturday on a charge of trafficking, the Indiana Department of Correction is reporting.

According to DOC, Paul Farkas was detained under suspicion of attempting transport tobacco into the prison after a pack of cigarettes fell on the floor during a manual shake-down by a Correctional Police Officer.

A further search produced a clear plastic bag containing two small bundles of white and tan powdery substances, DOC said. A silver wrapped was also discovered containing a second tan bundle of powder, two books of matches, and a small straw, DOC said.

Field tests for the powdery substances returned positive for cocaine weighing 0.6 grams and heroin weighing one gram, DOC said.

In addition, Farkas was found to be in possession of $300, DOC said.

Farkas was booked into the LaPorte County Jail on a charge of trafficking a controlled substance, DOC said.

“We cannot emphasize enough the value we place on our staff and the outstanding work they do daily,” Warden Mark Sevier said. “This was another example of the collaborative effort and teamwork by dedicated staff. Fortunately those procedures are so effective, even those sworn to uphold the law are held accountable by them.”



Posted 1/22/2018




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