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Warning signs of child drug abuse

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Pathway Family Center in Indianapolis identifies the following as the possible signs of a child’s drug use.

•Loss of interest in school, resulting in frequent truancy, declining or failing grades, or discipline problems.

•Frequent flare-ups or outbreaks of temper, resulting in verbal or physical abuse.

•Increasing withdrawal and isolation from family activities and loss of interest in once important activities and hobbies.

•A general change in attitude characterized by sullenness and apathy.

•The dropping of old friends and the replacement with new ones from “the wrong crowd.”

•Secretiveness about behavior and an unwillingness to provide information about behavior and possessions.

•A deterioration of physical appearance and grooming.

•Theft of cash, property, or credit cards from the house or employer.

•An inability to explain new possessions or extra money.

•Trouble with the law.

According to Pathway, any two of these could indicate a child’s drug use. For more information, or for an assessment, call Pathway at (800) 261-4605 or (248) 443-0105.


Posted 3/29/2002