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Two local men charged with Friday robbery of Speedy Mart

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Two Dunelanders were arrested and charged on Friday in connection with the armed robbery earlier in the day of the Speedy Mart gas station at 1175 Broadway, Chesterton Police said.

Charged with one count of robbery were Michael Joseph Maupin, 19, of 1428 N. Veden Road in Westchester Township; and Jason Michael Harvey, 31, of 1724 W. Morgan Ave. in Chesterton.

According to a statement released this morning by the CPD, a few minutes before the robbery occurred, at 4:10 a.m. Friday, a male subject entered the Speedy Mart to inquire about “tobacco blunts or the cheapest cigarettes they had.” The clerk advised police that she found the man suspicious because he was wearing gloves and a scarf and was “sweating profusely.” When she asked him for identification, the man told her that he had none and was not from the United States, although he “did not speak with any accent,” police said. The man then left the store and headed westbound.

Several minutes later the man re-entered the store, this time with his face and hands “covered in some type of black shoe polish or paint,” the clerk said.

When she asked him whether he had just been in the business, the man said that he hadn’t, then pulled a black and silver semi-automatic pistol from his backpack and demanded money, police said. The clerk opened the register and the man removed all of the cash, then fled the store, again headed westbound, police said.

Officers from the CPD and Porter PD responded as did a K-9 unit from the Portage PD, but they were unsuccessful in locating a suspect.

Then, at 11:54 a.m. Friday, a customer at the McDonald’s reported “a male wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and acting ‘sketchy.’” CPD officers and Det. Nick Brown responded and made contact with the man--identified as Maupin--who was detained for questioning after it was determined that he “matched the description of the male subject who had earlier robbed the Speedy Mart.”

Police said that Maupin “had remnants of what appeared to be black spray paint over his head and arms,” with a “strong concentration on the rear of his head.” There were also “trace amounts” on his “face, ears, neck, arms, hands, and under his finger nails,” police added.

During the interview with Brown, police said, Maupin “mentioned the name of “Jason ‘Gotti” Harvey” as “possibly being involved.”

A search warrant was subsequently obtained and executed on Harvey’s residence on West Morgan Ave., and Harvey advised that “he was walking with (Maupin) in the early morning hours of June 1, 2018, in the vicinity of the Speedy Mart,” police said.

“During which (Maupin) was covered in spray-paint, had plasti-dip on his (fingers) to conceal his finger prints, (was) in possession of a realistic BB gun, and who on multiple occasions (stated) he was going to rob the Speedy Mart.”

Both Maupin and Harvey were transported to Porter County Jail without incident.

Robbery is a Level 3 felony punishable by a term of three to 16 years.


Posted 6/5/2018





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