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Two die of CO poisoning in boat docked in Portage

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Two persons are believed to have died late last week of carbon monoxide poisoning in the cabin of a boat docked at Marina Shores in Portage, Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris is reporting.

The bodies of Michael S. McKinney, 44, of Wanatah, and Jennifer Ellenberger, 38, of Crown Point were found at 10:02 p.m. Friday by McKinney’s mother, who’d been searching for her son and found the two unresponsive in the cabin of the boat, Harris said.

Carbon monoxide levels were subsequently measured in the toxic range by the Portage Fire Department, Harris said.

A toxicology screen is being performed to confirm CO poisoning, Harris added, while further investigation is being done by the Portage Fire and Police and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.


Posted 9/18/2017




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