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Two charged in connection with shoplifting after PD posts photos to FB

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A Porter resident has been arrested on a charge of conversion and a Portage resident on a charge of theft, after Portage Police said that, on Friday, they exited the Kohl’s at 6495 U.S. Highway 6 with merchandise they hadn’t paid for.

Rhyss J. Lewis, 18, of 1491 Commodore Lane in Porter, and Antwan L. Beeks, 18, of 6610 Lighthouse, No. 204, both turned themselves in on Tuesday, police said, after their photos were posted over the weekend to the Portage PD’s Facebook page.

According to police, at 5:44 p.m. Friday, Lewis and Beeks were observed leaving the Kohl’s with two Urban Pipeline jackets valued at $70 each and several pairs of Hollywood Joggers pants valued at $40 each, after they’d bypassed all points of purchase. When a loss prevention agent attempted to detain the pair outside the store, they “ignored him”--one of them saying “he needed to get his wallet”--and joined two other male subjects in a silver Ford Fusion. “Once the individuals were in the car, they drove off,” police said.

The loss prevention agent did record the suspect vehicle’s license plate, however, which returned to a relative of Beeks, police said. In the meantime, an investigating officer provided video surveillance images of the two suspects to Portage Police Chief Troy Williams, who subsequently posted the images to the PD’s Facebook page.

At 1:39 p.m. Tuesday an officer was dispatched again to the Kohl’s, where Lewis and Beeks had earlier arrived asking to speak to the manager, after one of the two had “held a phone up which displayed a photo of him as a suspect from the shoplifting,” police said. Beeks was taken into custody and transported to Porter County Jail.

Lewis, for his part, had left the store prior to the officer’s arrival--after advising staff that “his father had called him to come home”--but he later turned himself in, accompanied by his parents, at the Portage PD station, police said. At that time Lewis “confessed to having taken a black and gray jacket from Kohl’s without paying for it,” police said. “He had no excuse as to why and believes he can recover the jacket.”

Lewis likewise was transported to Porter County Jail.

At midmorning today, 535 viewers of the Portage PD’s FB posting had shared it and 19 commented on it. Several of those comments concerned the very high quality of Kohl’s surveillance cameras.


Posted 1/4/2017






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