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Trib reader reports scam

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Here’s an apparent scam which an alert reader of the Chesterton Tribune did not fall for.



Its “contents have been tagged as BRAND NEW.”

The “CATEGORY: Jewelry,” the “Condition: MINT.”

Its “Original Price: $50.”

But by “internal mandate”--whatever that means--“the product costs of parcel have been waived,” provided a “Toll-Free Number” is called “to validate your P.I.N./Personal Identification Number.”

All of this, according to a card which the reader received in the U.S. mail.

Now all the reader has to do in order to claim and receive this parcel--being kept in a “WAREHOUSE” for 72 hours only--is provide a credit card number for a “one-time” $8.95 shipping and handling fee.

Never mind the fact that the reader was expecting no such parcel and had ordered no such jewelry.

Never mind the fact that the warehouse outfit has a purported post office box in Westbrook, Maine, but the card which the reader got in the mail has a pre-sorted first-class U.S. postage permit issued in Wichita, Kan.

Never mind the fact that the card is suspiciously stamped, in red, “OFFICIAL MATTER READ AT ONCE.”

Instead, just consider the recklessness of giving your credit card number to a stranger.

The Trib’s alert reader did no such thing. But he does want his fellow Dunelanders to use common sense when they get this sort of thing in the mail and just toss it.



Posted 7/2/2014