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Tree falls across NIPSCO power line on Indian Boundary

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For the second time in a month a swath of NIPSCO customers in unincorporated Westchester Town-ship lost power when a tree fell across a line on Indian Boundary Road.

The incident occurred at 10:46 a.m. Thursday, on the south side of Indian Boundary Road just west of Brummitt Elementary School, and affected 173 customers, NIPSCO spokesman Nick Meyer told the Chesterton Tribune today.

On the scene for more than an hour was the Chesterton Fire Department, and CFD Capt. Aimee Gilbert gave this account of the incident.

Firefighters arrived to find that a tree had failed, fallen across the line, and was being suspended in the air by several remaining intact wires. The CFD was forced to close Indian Boundary Road between Starwood Drive and Graham Road, prompting, Gilbert noted, no little irritation on the part of motorists.

Allowing folks to travel Indian Boundary Road, however, beneath a precariously perched tree and over a live wire, would have been recklessly dangerous, Gilbert told the Tribune.

“Thankfully,” Gilbert said, NIPSCO’s contracted tree-trimmer “happened to be in the neighborhood” and was able to cut the tree off the wires and then remove it. Once the tree-trimmer arrived at the scene, a single lane was re-opened to traffic, and the CFD was able to clear the scene, at 11:59 a.m. Meyer said that power was restored to all customers at 1:05 p.m.

A similar incident occurred on Feb. 14, when a large tree limb toppled across a power line in the area of Indian Boundary Road and Starwood Drive. On that occasion 165 customers were without power for a little more than four hours.


Posted 3/17/2017




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