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Three RR crossings closed this week

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CSX maintenance this week has prompted the closure of three railroad grade-crossings, in what is likely to prove an inconvenience for a lot of Dunelanders.

Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune today that, beginning today and ending Friday, CSX will be doing track work at the following locations:

¥On 15th Street.

¥On Waverly Road, just north of Joe’s Towing.

¥And on Locust Street, by Chesterton Feed & Garden.

All three grade-crossings have been closed until Friday and will be closed around-the-clock.

As Schnadenberg noted, motorists wishing to move back and forth easily between Chesterton and Porter will have only two options: the grade-crossings at North Jackson Blvd. and North Calumet Road.


Posted 9/3/2013