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State Police website now lists locations of seized clandestine meth labs

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Hoosiers can now find listed the locations of previously seized clandestine meth labs on the Indiana State Police’s website.

The site provides users with the date of the lab’s seizure, county, street address, type of lab, and location of the lab on the property listed.

In addition, labs seized in vehicles will have the vehicle identification number listed if the lab was seized after December 31, 2012.

Only labs which have been reported to the ISP either through a criminal incident report or via EPIC 143 report submission by another police agency will be listed on the website.

The address lists have specific timelines and delisting requirements under HB 1141. If the address fits within the statutory timelines, users will be able to download the ISP Occurrence Report and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Certificate of Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup submitted for a particular property.

If it has been disclosed through a real estate transaction that a clan lab was on the property for sale but it is not listed on the website, contact the ISP Meth Suppression Section at (317) 234-4591 or within Indiana (877) MSS-METH. ISP can determine if the property was delisted after cleanup or if a lab was never reported to the ISP for that location. Occurrence Reports will be available from ISP and Cleanup Certificates will still be available from IDEM for those delisted properties.

“This project has been over a year in the making, and we are pleased that (State) Rep. Wendy McNamara and (State) Sen. Randy Head worked with us and the other entities involved to pass this legislation that protects Hoosiers from the dangers posed by meth lab contamination.” ISP Meth Suppression Commander F/Sgt. Niki Crawford said. “This is a victory for everyone involved.”

To visit the website go to

Inquiries regarding the website should be directed to F/Sgt. Niki Crawford at or (317) 234-4591.



Posted 6/18/2014






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