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State Police to blitz roadways during Thanksgiving

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To make the Thanksgiving holiday travel period safer, the Indiana State Police is partnering with 250 other law enforcement agencies statewide in the annual Safe Family Travel, Operation Pull Over campaign. The campaign began Nov. 8 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 1.

The ISP will be conducting high visibility enforcement efforts including sobriety check points and saturation patrols looking for impaired drivers and unrestrained motorists.

The ISP will also be participating in Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) from today through Sunday. Operation C.A.R.E. is a federally funded program and will allow additional troopers to patrol Hoosier roadways during this upcoming holiday weekend.

According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, in 2012 alcohol-impaired driving in Indiana was linked to 158 fatalities (a 12.9-percent increase from 140 fatalities in 2011) and more than 2,112 injuries. Alcohol-impaired collisions were less than 3 percent of all Indiana crashes but accounted for 20.3-percent of Indianaís 779 traffic fatalities in 2012.

Meanwhile, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that safety belt use is the most effective strategy to prevent death and minimize injury resulting from traffic collisions.

Please help do your part to make Thanksgiving travel safe by observing the following safety rules:

* When planning to travel, make sure you are well rested, as a fatigued driver is a dangerous driver.

* Increase your following distance; remember the two-second rule.

* Decrease your speed according to traffic and road conditions.

* Beware of bridges, overpasses, and intersections where ice tends to form first in cold inclement weather.

* Donít use cruise control on slick roads.

* Make sure everyone in your vehicle is properly restrained.

* Donít drive distracted. Pull over and stop to use electronic devices.

* Donít drive impaired. Have a designated driver.

* Move over and slow down for emergency and highway service vehicles.

For information on Indiana crash statistics please visit the Indiana Criminal Justice Instituteís web site at


Posted 11/27/2013