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State Police say driver was drunk in I-94 work zone

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A Highland resident was arrested Tuesday on a charge of operating while intoxicated after speeding in a construction zone on I-80/94 in Lake County, the Indiana State Police said.

According to police, at 3:30 p.m. Lawrence D. Zinmer, 63, was stopped in the westbound lanes of I-80/94, near Ripley Street, after being clocked at 65 miles per hour in construction zone posted at 45 mph.

Police said that Zinmer was in possession of two bottles of vodka in the front seat when stopped.

Zinmer was charged with OWI and issued citations for an open container violation, unsafe lane movement, speeding in a construction zone, and no license in possession, police said.

Construction workers were present, police added.

Some tips to keep all workers and drivers in construction zones safe:

* Watch for orange “Road Construction Ahead” signs and be prepared to react to stopped or slowing traffic. Follow all lane restrictions as posted.

* Do not tailgate and keep your brakes maintained so you can stop in time. Most injuries and deaths in work zones are caused by rear-end collisions. Obey the posted work zone speed limit.

* Do not cut other vehicles off or change lanes across solid white lines. Signal all lane changes.

* Make sure all occupants in your vehicle are properly secured with a seat belt or child safety seat. Seat belts save lives and help prevent minor crashes from becoming major catastrophes.

* Do not engage in distracting behavior such as talking on a cell phone, texting, changing radio stations, eating, applying makeup, or talking to passengers.

Drivers are encouraged to avoid the congested road conditions often associated with construction zones by seeking alternate routes of travel. Drivers can learn the locations of road construction zones before they depart by calling INDOT’s TrafficWise at (800) 261-ROAD (7623) or on the Internet at

Portable and permanent electronic message signs are also utilized to communicate messages to the public.



Posted 6/19/2014