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State Police: Drop rocks on cars and go straight to jail

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The Indiana State Police is warning folks—and parents—that dropping rocks onto vehicles from overpasses is not only criminal, it’s dangerous.

At 3:46 a.m. today, police said, troopers were dispatched to the ramp from southbound Cline Ave. to westbound I-80 in response to a report of unknown persons’ throwing rocks at vehicles. “While officers were on the scene, two more vehicles stopped and reported that they had just been hit by rocks,” police said.

Troopers were unable to locate a suspect but at least 15 motorists reported damage to their vehicles. Seven of those 15 filed a report and all “seven vehicles—two passenger cars, one garbage truck, and four semis—had damage to their windshield,” police said.

“Throwing rocks may seem like a harmless prank but it can end up as a criminal mischief charge and possibly reckless endangerment,” police said. “Criminal mischief is a misdemeanor and individuals who are caught will go to jail or juvenile detention. Throwing rocks or other objects at vehicles can lead to serious consequences. Parents of juveniles found delinquent for criminal mischief may be financially responsible to pay restitution to the property owner.”


Posted 5/12/2011