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Smoking caused fire in which woman was burned

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The Porter Fire Department now knows how a woman sustained second-degree burns on her back deck on Sunday.

Fire Chief Lewis Craig told the Chesterton Tribune today that the woman--a resident of a 12-plex apartment on Lake Charles Ave.--was using a “plastic pumpkin,” set atop a plastic cooler, as an ash tray.

Although the woman had poured water into the pumpkin, it apparently wasn’t enough or had been absorbed by a mound of butts, Craig said, for at some point, around 12 p.m., the pumpkin began burning and melting. So too did the cooler. Panicked, the woman kicked the cooler off the porch but was back-splashed by molten plastic, Craig said.

The woman was treated for second-degree burns to her right shoulder, arm, and ankle.

In the meantime, around $10,000 in damage was done to the deck in the resulting fire, Craig said.


Posted 6/18/2014






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