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Shooting at South Haven bar under investigation

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The Porter County Sheriff’s Police is investigating a shooting on Friday at The Sportsman’s Lounge at 381 W. U.S. Highway 6 in South Haven.

According to police, at 2:13 a.m. officers were dispatched to the bar in response to a report of a man’s having been shot in the leg. On their arrival, officers found a 37-year-old South Haven man lying on the floor of the bar with a gunshot wound to his right calf. The man was yelling—accusing a 46-year-old Davenport, Iowa, woman of having shot him—as “several people at the bar held him down and tried to calm him,” police said.

Meanwhile, the Davenport woman was lying on the ground in the parking lot, bleeding from a cut to her head. Police said that she was subsequently found to have sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Witnesses advised that the man had walked the woman out of the bar, that they had been arguing, and that at some point the woman “pulled out a gun” and fired at least three times, police said.

One witness advised that the two had been arguing about the man’s having been “friendly” with another woman and that they had been eight feet apart when she shot him. The witness further advised that the man had been “calm” but the woman was “acting ‘very unstable and crazy.’”

After being shot, the man grabbed the gun “to keep her from shooting him again” and they “fell to the ground and the woman hit her head,” the witness advised.

The man then returned to the bar, gun in hand, police said. A bar employee removed the gun from his hand and put it in the kitchen for safekeeping. Police described the weapon as a .25 caliber stainless steel semi-automatic Baur Firearms Inc. pistol.

The man was treated at Porter Regional Hospital and later released. The woman was admitted to the hospital “for evaluation for her head injuries.” Police said that the bullet appeared to have entered at the front of her upper left shoulder and exited the back of her arm.

Police said that the incident remains under investigation.



Posted 9/24/2012