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Sheriff Reynolds offers new smartphone app

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Porter County Sheriff Dave Reynolds is announcing a new and improved Porter County Sheriff’s Office smartphone app for smartphones and other mobile devices.

“Our new app will keep you informed on the latest Sheriff’s Office news and emergency alerts for our unincorporated areas in Porter County, with the touch of a button,” Reynolds said in a statement released today. “Much like our old App, this one is free to download and is available in the ‘App Store’ for iPhone users and Google Play for Android OS and other smart phone users.”

“Be sure to delete the old app and download the new app,” Reynolds noted.

The new app is more user friendly, has many new features, and is more interactive and eye-appealing, Reynolds said. Among the changes: the Siren notification sound. “As neat as it was initially, it caused a lot of concerns for people (including our staff) while driving. Now a simple ‘ding’ will chime for alerts. No need to turn off your notifications for our new app.”

Another change: “the alerts push out right away so there’s minimal chance of repeat alerts,” as could happen with the old app. “Now you’ll only get alerts for emergencies or where citizen assistance is needed. In addition, users can now access photos and charging information on all of our jail inmates, register for alerts and check our Sex Offender Registry, and ‘Submit a Tip’ with the option of adding photos for anonymous tips or basic tip information that is non-emergency related for the unincorporated areas only.

“Our new app was completed by OCV, ‘’ out of Alabama,” Reynolds said. “This company does numerous sheriff’s office and law enforcement agency apps throughout the country.”

The new app is interactive and works well with the PCSO’s was completed in-house by Comptroller Edie Hahn and her assistant, Kari Ritthaler. “Edie and Kari put a lot of time, effort, and heart into our new website and I can’t thank them enough,” Reynolds said. “The app and the website are exactly what we were looking for, they did an excellent job.”

“I encourage the citizens of Porter County to get connected and stay up-to-date with emergency information and alerts through our new app, to check out our website, and be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook,” Reynolds said.



Posted 3/21/2017




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