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Severe Weather Alert: Treat Traffic Signal Outage As All-way stop

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From the Indiana Department of Transportation:

LAPORTE, Ind. – Severe weather swept through northwest Indiana this morning, knocking out power to some traffic signals in the area. Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) technicians are on the job 24 hours a day to respond to these emergencies. But until all issues can be resolved, drivers should know what to do when approaching a signal that has lost power.

Under Indiana law, drivers who encounter an intersection where the signal has lost power should treat the intersection as an all-way stop. After stopping, the driver should proceed with caution though the intersection when it is safe to do so. Drivers should yield the right-of-way to traffic already in the intersection.

 When a traffic signal loses power INDOT’s LaPorte District will place stop signs at the intersection as soon as possible. When power is restored the signal will flash on four-way red until the signs can be removed.

 INDOT’s LaPorte District manages 618 traffic signals in 13 counties.

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Posted 7/24/2012