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Receive automatic emails when registered sex offender moves into area

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The Criminal Alert Network E-mail notification system, which alerts registered Hoosiers of convicted sex offenders living in their neighborhoods, is now operational.

According to a statement released by Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter, the system syncs with the sex offender registry maintained by the Indiana Sheriff’s Association to provide real-time updates for the public.

“Hoosiers are now able to trace the whereabouts of a sex offender in their neighborhoods through a mapping and notification system that brings information directly to them via their inbox,” Carter said. “The mapping component is a quick and easy way to recognize if there is a registered sexual offender living near the areas that your children frequent like friends’ homes, neighborhoods, and local schools.”

To sign up for e-mail notifications, Hoosiers can visit the Indiana Attorney General’s website at or register through the Indiana Sheriff’s Association website at

 Registration requires basic details such as full name, e-mail address, and mailing address.

Registrants will be asked to verify their address and establish the area around the address for notifications, which ranges from half a mile up to 20 miles. Once registered, an e-mail verification link will be sent to the registrant that must be activated in order to receive notifications. After validating the account, the registrant will begin to receive e-mail notifications when offenders move into the designated area that was registered. There is no fee to register or receive notifications.

“As parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, one of the biggest jobs we face is keeping our children out of harm’s way,” Carter said. “While we go to great lengths to protect our children, the harsh truth is that danger could be a few doors away in the form of a sexual predator. Knowing who our neighbors are is vital to keeping our loved ones safe and this is one more way we can enhance this knowledge.”

Registration is only necessary to receive the automatic e-mail notifications. Searching for offenders is available without registration and can be accessed through the Attorney General’s website and the Sheriff’s Association’s. The Internet system provides for searches by the offender’s name, city, county, and zip code.



Posted 5/22/2006