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Porter Police: Man blows four stop signs fleeing officer

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A Liberty Township resident was arrested Saturday on a charge of resisting law enforcement after Porter Police said that he disregarded four stop signs in an attempt to evade a traffic stop.

According to police, at 8:42 p.m. an officer observed a motorist later identified as Jason L. Wheat, 41, of 139 Burr Oak Drive, disregard the stop sign at the intersection of Old Porter Road and South Mineral Springs Road. The officer, activating the emergency lights on his fully marked squad car, followed, as Wheat proceeded to disregard stop signs at the intersections of Johnson Street and Marquette Road, Marquette Road and 23rd Street, and 23rd Street and West Porter Ave., police said.

Wheat finally stopped in the area of South 19th Street and Annabelle Court, exited his vehicle, “looked in (the officer’s) direction, then fled on foot, ignoring the officer’s instructions to stop, police said. The officer quickly caught up to Wheat, assisted him to the ground, and handcuffed him, police said. In the process, however, the officer struck his knee on the ground, an injury which subsequently caused the knee to swell and the officer to experience “a fair amount of pain and discomfort,” police said.

Wheat was charged with three separate counts of resisting law enforcement, two of them felony counts, police said. He was also charged with possession of a hypodermic and possession of paraphernalia after a capped syringe and a “metal spoon wrapped in paper” were found on his person, police said.

Wheat--who was issued four citations for disregarding stop signs--was transported to Porter County Jail.



Posted 1/17/2017







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