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Porter Police: Discovery Charter student threatens to 'shoot up the school'

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A Discovery Charter School student threatened violence to the school on Tuesday evening while playing a video game, the Porter Police Department reported this morning.

That threat is not considered credible, though, and the student is not believed to have access to weapons.

According to the PPD, on Wednesday the Discovery Charter School advised the PPD that the student is alleged to have threatened to “shoot up the school” while playing a video game at his residence in Chesterton the night before.

“The principal of Discovery took action to assure the safety of the school and students, removing the student from class and contacting the Police Department,” the PPD said.

Assistant PPD Chief Todd Allen responded to Discovery along with a Chesterton PD officer, “since details had already been established that statement was made Tuesday evening from a Chesterton residence.”

“The threat is not considered to be genuine,” the PPD said. “However, the student is currently not attending classes. There were no weapons brought to school and the student did not have access to a weapon.”

The CPD is investigating the incident, as the student reportedly made the threat at his home in Chesterton.



Posted 4/18/2019




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