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Porter Police: Boy crashes into Visitor Center sign

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A male juvenile was released to a relative’s custody after crashing his car into the monument sign at the Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center on Friday, Porter Police said.

According to a report released this morning by Porter PD, at 5:16 p.m. Feb. 14 an officer southbound on Ind. 49 clocked a car northbound on Ind. 49 at 70 miles per hour in a zone posted at 50. The officer turned his squad car around at the intersection of East Oakhill Road and “attempted to close the distance on the vehicle,” police said, which was traveling in the left lane but then “veered to the right.”

The officer “momentarily lost sight” of the car but did see “a large amount of snow thrown into the air,” then observed that the car had left the roadway and struck “the business sign and a light post” at the Visitor Center, police said.

The boy who’d been driving the car advised the officer that he was not injured but initially “denied speeding or trying to flee” the officer, police said. Instead, the boy stated that “he was pulling into the Visitor Center to get some papers because he was staying in the area for the weekend,” police said. “At the time this transpired the Visitor Center was closed.”

Later in the interview, however, the boy “admitted that he attempted to turn into the Visitor Center in the hope (the officer) would not follow him,” police said.

The boy was released to a relative’s custody and has a juvenile court date in April, police said. He was charged with operating a vehicle without ever obtaining a driver’s license.

“The crash caused significant damage to the front end of the vehicle and damaged the business sign and knocked down a light pole,” police said. “When the vehicle attempted to make the right turn (into the Visitor Center) it struck a median in the driveway. It appears this caused the vehicle to go slightly airborne before hitting the sign and light post.”

There was no estimate of damage available.


Posted 2/20/2020




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