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Porter Police: Alert resident averts being defrauded

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Porter Police are warning folks to use caution when buying or selling online, after an alert resident trying to sell a motorcycle on Craigslist narrowly averted being defrauded.

According to police, the resident reported on Friday that he’d been contacted by someone who’d seen the motorcycle advertised on Craigslist and was interested in purchasing it. In advance of the transaction, the resident advised, he’d also received a call the day before, on Thursday, purportedly from a representative of a Fifth Third Bank in Toledo, who told the resident that he was generating a cashier’s check for the prospective buyer and needed to verify some information over the phone.

On Friday, however, on meeting the buyer, the resident became suspicious, not only because the buyer’s voice sounded different from the voice of the person to whom he’d spoken over the phone but also because the buyer “did not seem to know much about the motorcycle he was interested in purchasing.”

So the resident first asked to see the buyer’s driver’s license, which showed an address in a Detroit, Mich., suburb. He then contacted Fifth Third, which promptly identified the cashier’s check being presented by the buyer as fraudulent.

“The resident refused to accept the cashier’s check and the (buyer) left immediately,” police said.

The matter remains under investigation, police said, and may be referred to the Porter County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Police added that the resident did succeed in photographing both the cashier’s check and the buyer’s driver’s license.

“Residents are reminded to exercise caution when selling items through online means and to be vigilant to details that do not add up,” police said.



Posted 1/23/2017




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