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Porter PD warns of computer virus phone scam

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A savvy Porter resident recently put the kibosh on a phone scam and had some fun doing it, Porter Police said.

But PPD Lt. John Lane is still warning folks to beware of this relatively new scam, which capitalizes on folks’ fear of computer viruses.

It works this way.

Some guy claiming to work for Microsoft calls you and says that your computer has been “popping up” in the Microsoft system and looks to be infected with a virus. He may then ask you for personal information which would allow him to “gain access to your computer in order to fix it”--and also to plunder your bank account.

Or he may try to persuade you to pay for his repair services with Green Dot cards.

Either way, it’s a scam.

Lane said that a Porter resident called recently by such scammer knew all about the angle and decided to play games with the guy, telling him, for instance, that the call was being traced.

But not everyone is hip to the grift. “If you have legitimate concerns about your computer, take it to a local business and have them look at it,” Lane said.

And under no circumstances give personal or financial information to strangers over the phone.


Posted 7/8/2014