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Porter Dive/Rescue Team musters on false alarm

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The Porter Fire Departmentís Dive/Rescue Team searched for a sunken sail boat off Ogden Dunes for the better part of an hour on Sunday before learning that it was all a false alarm.

Fire Chief Lewis Craig told the Chesterton Tribune today that at 6:43 p.m. the PFD was called to assist the Portage Fire Department in a search for a sail boat reported to be sinking. Porter FDís Dive/Rescue team put two boats in the water and was assigned the stretch of water west of Burns Ditch, off Ogden Dunes.

Then, an hour later, at 7:48 p.m., searchers were informed that, in fact, nothing had sunk, the sail boat in question was safely ashore, and so were sail boaters, Craig said.


Posted 6/25/2012