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Portage Police: Woman steals neighbor's dog

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A Portage resident was arrested Wednesday on a charge of theft after Portage Police said that she stole a neighbor’s dog.

According to police, at 11:05 p.m. a resident of the 200 block of Sandalwood Street reported that sometime within the last 30 minutes someone had stolen her dog, which she described as having brown and white fur and weighing between 20 and 30 pounds. The resident added that she had purchased the dog from Petland for $1,000.

When asked whether she suspected anyone in particular, the resident advised the officer of an unusual circumstance some two weeks earlier, when a neighbor—residing at 357 Ivory Court—had admired the dog for its cuteness and expressed the desire to own one like it, police said.

The officer subsequently made contact with the neighbor, identified as Elaine C. White, 55, who when asked about her knowledge of the dog accused its owner of leaving it outside too long and neglecting it, police said.

“I asked her why she did not contact Animal Control or the Police Department if this was the case and she stated ‘You guys never do anything,’’ the investigating officer stated in his report.

The officer then asked White flatly where the dog now was and she replied “I got it inside,” police said.

“I asked her if she took the dog and she informed me that she walked over to the residence, took the dog off the leash, and brought it back to her residence,” the officer stated. White further allowed that she “probably” took it because she had been drinking.

The officer returned the dog to its owner and transported White to Porter County Jail on a charge of theft.





Posted 5/24/2012