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Portage PD: Neighbor threatened with gun

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Two Portage residents were arrested on multiple charges including pointing a firearm and intimidation after an incident occurring Thursday in the 500 Block of Camelot Manor, Portage Police said.

According to police, at 3:56 a.m., Alex M. Wilson-Sayre, 26, of 617 Camelot Manor, and Daniel Chavez, 23, of 867 Camelot Manor, pulled the power from a neighbor’s residence in the 500 Block of Camelot Manor. The neighbor walked outside to find Wilson-Sayre and Chavez standing next to his electrical box, police said.

The neighbor advised that Wilson-Sayre pointed a silver .357 Magnum at him and verbally threatened to shoot another neighbor, police said. A relative saw the confrontation and called 911, police said.

When officers arrived, they eventually located Wilson-Sayre and Chavez fleeing on foot and ordered them at gunpoint to get on the ground, police said. Officers observed Wilson-Sayre had a handgun hanging out of his right front pants pocket loaded with five .357 rounds and one .38 buckshot round, police said. A homemade knife was removed from Chavez’s pocket, police said.

Police said Chavez claimed he knew nothing about the disturbance and continually denied being around the neighbor’s property.

For his part, Wilson-Sayre wouldn’t admit being in the area of the neighbor’s property or threatening anyone with a handgun, but did admit to not having a permit to carry the weapon off his property, police said.

The neighbor also advised someone has slashed a front driver’s side tire of a vehicle sitting in his driveway, police said.

Wilson-Sayre was charged with pointing a firearm, intimidation and carrying a handgun without a permit and was transported to Porter County Jail

Chavez -- who was charged with false informing and resisting arrest -- was taken to Portage Community Hospital to be treated for an injury he sustained while fleeing.


Posted 7/6/2012