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Portage PD investigating attempted robbery of Speedway gas station

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Portage Police are investigating the attempt robbery on Saturday of the Speedway gas station at 5011 Central Ave.

According to police, at 3:42 a.m. the Speedway clerk reported that she had gone outside to smoke a cigarette and was retrieving something from the trunk of her car when a man grabbed her from behind and pushed the hood of her coat down over her face. The man then told the clerk to give him the keys to the safe.

The clerk responded by threatening to burn the man with her cigarette and then tried to do so, at which point the man let her go and began to walk away from her, accompanied by another man. The pair was last seen heading in the direction of County Line Road.

Two witnesses advised police that they had seen the man grab the clerk and indicated that he apparently released her after seeing the two of them pull up to the gas station in their vehicle.

A K-9 unit tracked the suspects to the 4800 block of 26th Ave. in Lake Station but lost the track there, police said.

One of the suspects was described as wearing a dark colored hoodie; the other, a blue and yellow blanket or poncho.



Posted 10/29/2012