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Portage PD: Background of man who led officers in pursuit being investigated

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Investigators are delving into the background of a Darien, Ill., man who Portage Police said struck an officer with his vehicle on Tuesday and yelled “Allah Hu Akbar” while being taken into custody, after multiple driver’s licenses and a passport with destinations in the Middle East and Europe were found in his vehicle.

Faiz Abul Ikramulla, 34, was charged with three counts of resisting law enforcement, two counts of battery to law enforcement, four counts of criminal recklessness and one count of leaving the scene of an accident.

According to police, at 11:34 a.m. the PPD received two calls about a suspicious vehicle with Illinois registration, one from a woman who advised that its driver was following her, the other from a resident of Terry Ave. who reported that the driver was urinating on his lawn. An officer subsequently located the suspect vehicle, a silver Subaru Legacy, eastbound on Stone Ave., and executed a traffic stop on it in the area of Willowdale Road.

As the officer approached the vehicle, however, the driver--later identified as Ikramulla--drove off, police said.

The officer attempted again to make contact with the driver, after the latter turned into a driveway on Morehouse Court. On this occasion Ikramulla fled again, this time, though, striking the officer with his vehicle, police said.

By this point multiple officers were engaged in the pursuit of Ikramulla, who drove into a PPD squad car parked just off the roadway at Central Ave. and Willowdale Road, in anticipation of deploying stop sticks, police said. Ikramulla continued to flee westbound on Central Ave. until officers finally managed to perform a “pit maneuver,” boxing in the Subaru, police said.

But Ikramulla refused to concede defeat, was able to restart his car, and began “ramming forward and backward” into a pair of squad cars, police said. Officers then Tased Ikramulla, who “pulled the probes out of his stomach region and disregarded officers’ commands,” police said.

Officers finally succeeded in pulling Ikramulla from his vehicle, at which point he shouted “There is only one true God” and then “Allah Hu Akbar,” “several times over,” police said.

Ikramulla was treated at Porter Portage Hospital Campus for facial and hand injuries sustained in the incident, police said. Two officers were also treated and released, one for a partially torn thumb tendon, the other--the officer struck by Ikramullas vehicle--for a contusion to the arm, police said.

“A search of the vehicle also yielded plates from Wisconsin and driver’s licenses from Wisconsin and Illinois,” police said. “Additionally, a passport with destinations of Saudi Arabia, China, Romania, Germany, and Amsterdam was located. Additional investigation is being conducted to determine how and why Mr. Ikramulla found his way here.”

“I want to commend all officers involved in what initially started out as a suspicious vehicle call into an all-out vehicle pursuit with no regard by the suspect and his attempts to purposely injure officers,” Police Chief Troy Williams said. “This very easily could have become a deadly force situation. Your city streets are safer because of the brave men and women who put their life on the line daily whenever the call arises.”


Posted 5/21/2014