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Police: Scammer threatens man with federal arrest

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Chesterton Police are warning folks about an “Instant Cash” loan scam in which targeted persons are threatened with federal arrest.

According to police, on Wednesday a resident reported receiving a telephone call purportedly from a a representative of “Instant Cash,” who told the resident that he owed an outstanding balance of $622.36 on an “Instant Cash” loan.

When the resident said in response that he’s never heard of “Instant Cash”—“much less signed for a cash loan”—the rep “told him that he had better come up with $622.36 or there would be federal agents at his door tomorrow.” The rep also helpfully suggested that the man arrange to wire the amount to someone named Dexter Brown “as soon as possible to ‘avoid any difficulties.’”

“Some Internet research on Instant Cash and ‘Dexter Brown’ revealed that this is a scam,” police said. “There have been many, many complaints to the Federal Trade Commission about this operation.”





Posted 10/4/2012