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Police Commission endorses creation of handicapped parking space on 8th Street

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The Chesterton Police Commission is recommending the creation of a temporary on-street handicapped parking space in front of the rental property at 324 Eighth Street.

At their meeting Wednesday, commission members Brandon Kroft and Alex Rodriguez voted 2-0 to forward the matter to the Town Council with their endorsement. The commission currently has one seat open, with the recent resignation of Craig Stafford.

Police Chief Dave Cincoski brought the request before the commission and said that the resident of the rental property has fulfilled all the requirements for the creation of the handicapped space.

Should the Town Council approve the space, it would be striped, marked, and maintained by the Street Department. The resident does understand, Cincoski noted, that it’s a public handicapped parking space and may be used by any certified handicapped motorist.

At such time as the resident vacates the rental property, Cincoski added, the handicapped parking space would revert to a non-handicapped space.

Merger Update

In other business, Cincoski reported that the formal merger of the CPD’s and the Porter PD’s dispatch operations is tentatively scheduled for May 24-26.

Under that merger, all dispatching functions will be moved to the Porter Police station, where each PD will provide one dispatcher per shift per day. Should the midnight shift warrant only one dispatcher, that one will be provided by the PPD. Dispatchers are currently being trained on the Tiburon software system and Frontier is doing a lot of work moving telephone lines and such.

Also under that merger, both PDs’ Detective Bureaus will begin operating out of the old Chesterton Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 726 Broadway.

Continuing Education

Members voted 2-0 to reimburse Officer Aaron Miersma the cost of one college course per semester, as he pursues a master’s degree in public administration.

Under Town Code, an employee is entitled to such reimbursement--to one course only per semester--under the following conditions:

* The employee must maintain at least a C average.

* Funding must actually be available for reimbursement.

CPD Recognized

The commission took receipt of the Above and Beyond Award, presented to the CPD by the U.S. Department of Defense, in recognition of the accommodations made by the department to Officer Miersma, who is a serving member of the Army National Guard.


Members voted 2-0 to promote Darla Evans from part-time Communication Clerk II to Communication Clerk I.

Gratitude Expressed

The commission took receipt of three notes expressing gratitude to the CPD:

* From Chesterton High School Athletic Director Gary Nallenweg, for officers’ escort of the state champion swim team on March 1.

* From CHS, Chesterton Middle School, and Westchester Intermediate School, for officers’ daily visits to those schools and interaction with students and staff.

* From Beatrice Owen, director of the Porter County Substance Abuse Council, for assistance provided during the PCSAC’s relocation from the County Administration Building to new digs on Morgan Blvd. in Valparaiso.

March in Review

In March the CPD responded to 1,476 calls (1,214 in February), filed 29 cases (17), filed 13 felony charges and 38 misdemeanor (12 and 27), issued 78 citations and 175 warnings (57 and 84), served nine warrants (one), and investigated 34 accidents with five injuries (38 accidents with six injuries).

Also in March, the CPD assigned two juvenile cases and closed one of them (assigned eight in February and closed four of them).

Calls for service in March included 42 alarms (40 in February), six animal complaints (16), two reports of battery (two), one burglary (zero), 14 disturbances (16), two domestic calls (zero), one fireworks complaint (zero), 11 reports of fraud (three), 12 miscellaneous juvenile complaints (eight), four noise complaints (three), seven parking violations (six), one peddler complaint (one), two residence checks (zero), one report of shoplifting (zero), 40 suspicious circumstances (33), 25 suspicious persons (19), 21 suspicious vehicles (26), 13 thefts (11), 307 traffic stops (150), four incidents of vandalism (zero), and two vehicle repossessions (two).



Posted 4/18/2014