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Police Commission declares K9 dog to be surplus

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Maverick, the Chesterton Police Department’s K-9 unit, has been declared “surplus equipment.”

At its meeting Thursday evening, the Police Commission unanimously voted to surplus Maverick, after Police Chief Dave Cincoski reported that his handler, Officer Erik Palleson, resigned from the CPD to take a position with the Valparaiso PD.

The declaration will enable Palleson to purchase Maverick for $990.

Cincoski said that in order to keep Maverick on the CPD’s roster the dog would have to be re-trained, and in any case no other officers expressed an interest in being his handler. Nor is the VPD interested in purchasing Maverick. The only other alternative: selling Maverick to Palleson as “a very expensive pet.”

The $990 price falls just short of the $1,000 threshold at which bids would have to be taken for the animal, and Cincoski said that putting Maverick on the public auction block would hardly be in the dog’s best interest.

Traffic Study

In other business, Cincoski promised Michael Moore, a resident of Quail Court, that the CPD will conduct a traffic study next year, to determine whether Moore’s request to lower the current 30 mile per hour speed limit on North Sand Creek Drive to 20 mph is warranted.

“We have a lot of people driving 40 mph through this area, just 15 mph less than a highway,” Moore said. “There are residences on both the east and west side of Sand Creek Drive. There are backyards that back right up to this road, along with shrubbery and trees that might hinder the sight of someone, mainly a child, being able to see this traffic. There’s no good reason not to change this speed limit to 20 mph in this residential area for the safety of all persons involved.”

Cincoski said that he’ll be happy to conduct the traffic study but that it will have to wait until after the winter and then after the scheduled re-paving of Sand Creek Drive North.

Radio Consoles

Meanwhile, Cincoski told the commissioners that he’s planning to approach the Town Council at its next meeting to request around $15,000 for the purchase of two digital radio consoles for the Chesterton and Porter PD dispatchers (total cost $31,000, to be split with the Town of Porter).

The consoles would replace the current analogue models being used by the dispatchers, which, Cincoski said, “don’t talk very well” with the new digital radio frequency recently installed and now in use.


Cincoski reported that new hires Jacob Ray, a 10-year veteran of the Michigan City Police Department, and Ryan Miller, a two-year veteran of the LaPorte PD, are earning excellent grades in their field training. “Both are performing very well, from all reports I’ve had from the field training cadre,” he said. “They are receiving rather high remarks.”

Later in the meeting, members voted unanimously to approve a lateral transfer for Miller, effective Jan. 1, at which time he will receive a 2nd Class officer’s pay rate and vacation time appropriate for two years of service.

By consensus members also authorized Cincoski to begin a full hiring process with a one-year hiring list, in advance of several anticipated retirements in the New Year. The 30-day application period could begin as soon as Monday, Cincoski said.

Twilight Christmas Parade

Members voted unanimously as well to approve a permit for the annual Twilight Christmas Parade at 5:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 30, stepping off as usual from Westchester Intermediate School.

As part of that vote, members authorized the CPD to ban parking after 3 p.m. along the north side of Broadway between South Calumet Road and Third Street.

“There tend to be wells of people 10 to 12 deep along that corridor,” Cincoski said. “And that makes it hard for the larger vehicles to make the turn.”

Rx Takeback

Cincoski reported the results of the Oct. 26 prescription drug takeback initiative sponsored by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration: fully 266.5 pounds of unwanted or expired medications were collected and turned over the DEA for proper disposal.

Cincoski reminded residents that a secure collection box is available 24/7 in the lobby of the CPD station, and announced that needles are now eligible for drop-off there. The box does not accept liquids.

Job Well Done

The meeting opened with kudos from incoming Town Council Member Bob Allison, D-3rd, who expressed his congratulations to Cincoski and the CPD for their work securing a guilty verdict in the Dillard trial.

“Our heartfelt thanks to the Chief and his department for the countless hours you put into the case,” Allison said. “I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about that.”

With Thanks

Members took receipt of a thank-you note from the Bailly Elementary School kindergarten classes after a field trip to the CPD station: “Thank you for welcoming us into the Police Department for our field trip. We had fun and learned a lot!”

“The field trips are usually handled by Lt. Joe Christian,” Cincoski noted. “He puts on a pretty good show.”

October in Review

In October the CPD responded to 678 calls (788 calls in September), filed 65 cases (77), issued 41 citations and 71 warnings (57 and 79), and investigated 38 accidents with six injuries (41 accidents with nine injuries).

Calls for service included one shoplifting (zero in September), 73 suspicious persons or vehicles (93), 14 thefts (13), 40 alarms (35), seven incidents of vandalism (three), one overdose (one), five animal complaints (four), 170 traffic stops (222), 17 well-being checks (20), one missing person (three), three reports of battery (seven), 31 disturbances (26), three reports of fraud (one), one motor vehicle theft (zero), one vehicle repossession (zero), two runaways (one), and one sex offense (one).



Posted 11/15/2019




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