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Police: Chesterton runaways lead officers on high speed pursuit

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Two 15-year-old Chesterton runaways suspected of burglarizing homes in Lake County led officers on a high-speed chase through South Haven on Wednesday, Nov. 2, Portage Police said.

The incident began at 9 p.m., when officers responded to the Wal-Mart for the report of a theft in progress. On their arrival, officers spotted the suspects exiting the store and ordered them to stop. Instead the pair ran to a red Dodge Dakota and fled the scene,

Officers began a pursuit of the Dakota as the suspects made their way to South Haven--driving “extremely recklessly through the neighboring streets, curbs, and grass”--and then back to U.S. Highway 6, police said.

The Dakota, “disregard(ing) several traffic signals and lane markings,” reached speeds of 100 miles per hour, until in the area of C.R. 350E Cpl. Chris Irsa performed a “precision immobilization technique,” or PIT maneuver, by which he was able to force the pickup truck to turn abruptly sideways, causing its driver to lose control and stop, police said.

The suspects then fled the Dakota on foot and on being apprehended by officers “continued to physically resist” being placed in custody, in the process of which they inflicted a shoulder injury on one of the officers, who was subsequently treated at Porter Portage Hospital Campus, police said.

On taking the two boys into custody, officers learned that the pair was suspected of committing several residential burglaries in Lake County as well as of being involved in an earlier pursuit which began in New Chicago and terminated in Gary, where they succeeded in eluding officers, police said.

At the time of their arrest the suspects were also considered to be armed and dangerous, police added, inasmuch as “multiple firearms” had been stolen in the Lake County residential burglaries.

“The work by our officers was exceptional,” Police Chief Troy Williams said. “The thoughtless and careless actions by these subjects put many people in harm’s way, to include injuring one of our officers. I commend our officers for their professionalism, restraint, and calmness during this entire incident.”


Posted 11/7/2016





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