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Please do not sweep polluted road and driveway grit into drains

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The heavy snowfall and plowing from this winter have left a lot of dirt and gravel in Town of Chesterton roadways and curbs.

Please donít sweep that grit into storm drains.

The Stormwater Utility is reminding residents and businesses to use the trash can and not storm drains to dispose of debris, dirt, and gravel swept from curbs, driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots.

This material should never be swept into storm drains or ditches as it usually contains pollutants like oil and grease, metals, sediment, solvents, and automobile fluids, as well as residual road salt.

Please sweep these materials into a trash bag, trash can, or dumpster.

The Street Department will begin its annual street-sweeping program this spring, so expect to see the slow-moving street sweeper plying the curbs in the next few weeks.


Posted 4/1/2014