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Photos: Storm Damage in Duneland

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Indian Boundary blocked by tree on vehicle: A fallen tree blocked east Indian Boundary Rd. last night following the thunderstorm that tore through the area. This lucky driver, westbound on Indian Boundary when the tree came down, was unhurt. Porter County Sheriff Police were on the scene.

(Photo provided by Jim Bonfield)

Down to the ground: At 8 a.m. today 15th Street at Lincoln Ave. was still closed after this tree toppled into the roadway during Monday evening’s wind storm. The roots caused the sidewalk to buckle and the sod was peeled up as neatly as a piece of carpet.                      (Tribune photo by Kevin Nevers)

Downed trees: Two massive trees were downed by wind on South Second St. in Chesterton, one of them totally uprooted by a wind shear during Monday’s severe thunderstorm.

 (Tribune photos by Margaret L. Willis)


Posted 6/25/2013