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PCSP: Woman's webcam hacked; she receives extortion message from' FBI'

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A Washington Township resident booted up her computer on Tuesday, only to discover that someone had hacked her webcam and was trying to extort her, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, at 10:29 a.m. the woman reported that, on turning on her computer, a “window popped up that had the FBI logo on it and said ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ across the top.”

In the center of the window was a video of the woman’s bedroom, in which she could see herself live, police said.

The window, furthermore, instructed the woman to wire $200 to the FBI via Money Link “or she would be imprisoned.”

And when the woman tried to close the window, her computer locked up.

The investigating officer suggested that the woman unplug her modem and restart her computer and if that didn’t work to seek help from a professional. The expressed the concern that, because the computer is located in her bedroom and the video feed appeared to be live, that the person who hacked her webcam “has been watching her.”


Posted 8/3/2012