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PCSP: Toddler drowns in Jackson Township swimming pool

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A 2-year-old Jackson Township girl drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool on Monday, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

The PCSP has not released the girl’s name. The accident occurred in the 600 north block of C.R. 500E.

According to police, the girl is believed to have left her home around 7:30 a.m., walked to the neighbor’s pool, and fallen into it. She was found at 7:39 a.m. by her mother, “not breathing and unresponsive,” police said.

“Medical attention was immediately rendered until EMS arrived at the scene,” police said. “Despite all efforts, they were unable to revive the toddler.”

“This is extremely tragic for the families involved and we wish to provide them their privacy,” police added.

The PCSP did, however, urge homeowners with pools--and those thinking of installing pools--to familiarize themselves with the Indiana Administrative Code (675 IAC 14-4.3-296) regarding pool safety features.

Of particular note, access to residential pools must be restricted by one of the following:

* Walls or fencing not less than four feet in height and completely surrounding the pool and deck area with the exception of self-closing and latching gates, and doors, both capable of being locked.

* Other means not less then four feet in height and “deemed impenetrable by the enforcing authority at the time of construction and completely surrounding the pool and deck area when the pool is not in use.”

* In the case of in-ground pools, a “power safety pool cover” providing a “continuos connection between the cover and the deck, so as to prohibit access to the pool when the cover is completely drawn over the pool.”

“While summer is a wonderful time of the year, please exercise extreme caution around pools and lakes,” police said.



Posted 6/7/2017




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