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PCSP: Washington HS student evaluated after threat made

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A Washington Township middle-schooler was transported to hospital for evaluation on Friday, Sept. 22, after the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said he made comments at school which other students interpreted to be threatening.

According to police, earlier last week the 15-year-old boy told another student that “if I had a gun I would shoot you.” Then, on Friday, while at lunch, he told several other students that he would be at school on Oct. 3 but not Oct. 4, which they took to mean either that he was threatening suicide or that “he was going to shoot the school up.”

On Friday afternoon officers responded to the boy’s home, where he admitted making the gun threat to the other student earlier in the week but advised “that he did not mean it in the way that he would act on it.”

The boy also advised that “he has been bullied by numerous kids at school and was depressed” and that he had made a list of students who “hurt” him and those who “help” him as a “way of coping with the bullying,” police said.

The boy’s parents, meanwhile, confirmed that the reason the boy would not be in school on Oct. 4 is that the family has a vacation planned for that day.

The boy’s parents agreed to allow officers to transport their son to hospital for evaluation, police said.

“No charges are being filed by the Sheriff’s Office at this time,” police said. “The East Porter County School Corporation sent notification about the incident to parents with children who attend the school. Officers with the Sheriff’s Office will be providing an extra presence at the school in October.”


Posted 9/28/2017




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