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PCSP officer fired then charged with exposing himself to woman

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A Porter County Sheriff’s Police officer was terminated from the PCSP last week after being accused earlier this month of exposing himself to a woman in the Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Community, the PCSP reported after deadline on Monday.

John Patrick Morris, 24, of 778 N. Old Suman Road in Jackson Township, was charged on Friday afternoon with public indecency, four counts.

According to the PCSP, on the afternoon of Thursday, June 7, officers were dispatched to Pleasant Valley after a woman reported that a male subject had exposed himself to her while asking for directions. The woman was able to provide officers both with license plate information and a description of the suspect, and on responding to the suspect’s residence in Jackson Township they observed a PCSP squad car in the driveway as well as the suspect vehicle, police said.

At that point officers recognized that the suspect shared a name with a PCSP officer and requested that officer’s road supervisor to respond, the PCSP said. They then made contact with Morris, who advised that “he was the only one (who) had driven the suspect vehicle in question that day.”

Morris was subsequently interviewed by detectives, who “determined (that) he was involved in the Pleasant Valley incident” and may also be connected “to other incidents throughout the county,” the PCSP said.

The investigation itself was then handed over to the Valparaiso Police Department.

The PCSP emphasized today that “the incident took place while the officer was off duty in his own personal vehicle, making no mention of affiliation or his position or place of employment during the incident.”

On the morning of Friday, June 15, Morris was called to the PCSP station to meet with the Administrative Command Staff, who “immediately relieved him of his position and terminated” him, the PCSP said.

Later in the day on Friday, Morris was formally charged with four counts of public indecency.

Morris formerly served, from August 2016 until January 2018, as an officer at the Porter County Jail. On Jan. 18, he was officially sworn in as a Probationary Patrol Officer. “Per our merit rules, ‘A probationary Police Officer is a person employed as an Officer who has probationary status during the first year of employment,” the PCSP said. “Probationary officers may be discharged at any time during their probationary period.”

Public indecency is an Class A misdemeanor, punishable by a term of up to a year in jail.


Posted 6/19/2018




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