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PCSP: Man impersonates police officer in South Porter County

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A Kouts resident who is not a police officer is facing a possible charge of impersonating a public servant after he admitted executing a traffic stop on a woman last week, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, at 10:20 p.m. Aug. 7 a woman reported being northbound on C.R. 150E, in the area of C.R. 700S in Pleasant Township, when a southbound vehicle passed her and then turned around. “Once it was directly behind her car, the vehicle activated red and blue lights,” police said.

A man around 25 years of age then exited the vehicle and took a position at the B-pillar of the woman’s vehicle—so that “it was hard for her to see the subject”—and informed her that she was traveling 30 miles per hour in a zone posted at 25 mph, the woman advised. “The subject was polite and courteous and then released her from the scene,” police said, but the woman “felt uneasy about the encounter,” in particular because she was certain that she was driving below the limit.

She subsequently contacted the PCSP.

The investigating officer took her statement, then with the assistance of a Kouts Police officer developed information that a resident of the 100 block of Goldfinch Drive may be impersonating a police officer. The two officers made contact with the man, who told them that he was a LaPorte County Jail officer, not a sworn police officer, and who admitted that he had stopped the woman “as a public service because she was driving in an unsafe manner.”

Recovered from the man’s Dodge Charger: red and blue LED lights—illegal to be displayed in a non-emergency vehicle—a patch from the Hebron Police Department, an Indiana Criminal Code book, hinge cuffs, a Hobart Police Department key chain, and a black tee-shirt with “POLICE” across the front: “none of which is issued to or utilized by a jail guard,” police said.

The PCSP is asking the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to charge the man with impersonating a public servant and has forwarded the report to the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Police.


Posted 8/13/2012