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PCSP: Man charged in Liberty Township burglary

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A Valparaiso resident was caught in the act of burglarizing a Liberty Township pole barn on Saturday, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

Charged with burglary and criminal trespass was Thomas Powell, 35, of 282 W. Ind. 130, Apt. A, police said.

According to police, at 10:26 a.m. a husband and wife were inside their residence in the 600 north block of C.R. 125W when their door bell rang. Both looked out their window, observed the man, and--neither of them recognizing him--declined to answer the door, police said.

They then watched the man as he left the house’s front porch, walked to a pole barn on the property, and “attempted to break into” it, police said. At that point the husband retrieved his handgun, exited the house, and made his own way to the pole barn, prompting the man to run, police said. The husband “yelled for the male suspect to stop,” informed the suspect that he was armed, and--when the suspect continued to run--fired a single shot into the ground, police said.

The suspect was nevertheless able to make it back to his vehicle, a dark blue Ford F-150, and flee the scene, but was subsequently taken into custody by officers in the area of Ind. 149 and C.R. 700N, police said

The husband and wife both identified Powell as the man they’d seen at their door and by their pole barn, police said. Powell, for his part, stated to officers, “I get off of parole tomorrow and I go and do this dumb (expletive),” police said. Powell further advised officers that “his girlfriend was going to be upset with him for messing up again.”

Powell “admitted being at the residence but stated he was only handing out his business cards,” police added.

Police said that a window on the pole barn had been broken--with a pick axe--and the screen “ripped apart,” and that inside a tool case was found “out of place and laying on the floor.”

The pole barn’s man-door--which the husband stated had previously been secured--was found unlocked as well, which “verified that the suspect had entered through the window and left through the man-door,” police said.




Posted 11/22/2016




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