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PCSP: County jail inmate injures two officers in fight

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A Portage man being held at the Porter County Jail is facing a possible charge of battery to a law enforcement officer after the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said that he fought with two jail officers on Wednesday, injuring both.

According to police, at 6:45 p.m. the two officers were conducting cell inspections in one of the jail pods when Daniel Scarpinato, 21, “became disruptive and uncooperative.”

Scarpinato’s “violation of rules” prompted the officers to begin to move him to an isolation cell “when a fight ensued,” police said.

During that fight one of the officers sustained a laceration to the forehead while the other’s nose was broken, police said.

Both were transported to Porter Regional Hospital for treatment and later released.

Scarpinato was subsequently moved to the isolation cell. He was being held originally in connection with a 2012 burglary in Portage, PCSP Sgt. Larry LaFlower said.

Battery to a law enforcement officer is a Class C felony punishable by a term of two to eight years.


Posted 2/21/2014